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Welcome to the Marlowe Online Server.

New personalised home pages available through Marlowe Home. Create your own home page easily accessible from any computer (with internet connection). And bring your personal touch to that random work station. Includes your own music player, links, file manager, and text editor.

Brand new JavaScript Apps now available to play in our Apps section.



Feb 2011

  • New Javascript game 'Jack'.
  • Updated the Personalised Home Pages to add compatibility for Chrome.
  • Updated MeWAP
    • Preview fully functional in edit pages
    • URLs updated to the current domain
    • Bug Fixes


  • Added JavaScript Apps
  • Moved Star Trek section
  • Added Doctor Who section


  About This Server

The Marlowe Online Server was set up in mid 2004 as an experimental tool to develop web applications. At this time the owner Andrew Roberts was on a gap year before his university course. The existence of the server gave me an incredible insight into both Local Area Networks, and Wide Area Network as well as HTTP and FTP servers. This was long before I started my university course, but it was a valuable experience as this was one of the many foundations I pulled upon during my degree.


The Marlowe Online Server has changed significantly since it started over four years ago. It was far more simplistic when it started, with just simple HTML produced with the aid of Microsoft Frontpage.


The server then went through a phase during 2006 with several new servers (services) written in code. All of these servers were written in BBC BASIC For Windows, using the Windows API to open sockets and listen for ports.


In 2007 all of the small servers (services) were condensed into one server, requiring major rewrites and alterations. This resulted in a far improved system which is still running today.


In late 2007, the most largest addition to the Server was made, with the addition of MeWAP! This new application was designed to allow users to create their own WAP pages, in a similar style to the various spaces and personal pages on the web. The system is fully functional, but due to the lack of advertising, it never caught on.


From 2008 development has slowed with very few new additions made - see News section above.


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